Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My first meme

As I was tagged by Swisslil, I feel I must fulfil my duty.

5 things I love about my new country:
1. Swimming in the Indian Ocean rather than the North Sea
2. The almost total absence of advertising and resultant complexes ("I am fat and ugly", "I am worthless if I do not buy a new sofa", "All my friends will laugh at me if I don't own an MP3 player" and so on)
3. A social life that does not involve booking my friends a month in advance
4. Mangoes
5. It is considered 100% normal that a small child should accompany its mother everywhere and breastfeed when and where it chooses

3 things that annoy me about my new country:
1. People calling out "whitey"
2. "Whitey" price inflation
3. Almost anything you buy is of the worst possible Chinese quality and is guaranteed to break

1 thing I will miss about my new country when I leave:
Eating outdoors every day of the year.



Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy birthday Paulo!

Today is my lovely husband's birthday. (For the first time he seems a little phased by his age, so I won't mention it.) The boys celebrated by waking us up at 5.15. Sebastian poked Paulo in the face and said "Papa, Papa, Papa", Joaquim sang him happy birthday (I was not allowed to join in), then I generously left him in bed and got up to play. I cheated and put Cee Beebies on. Joaquim loves Balamory and convenienly it's the first thing on at 5.30. It's just about all I can manage at that time too. Sebastian is not interested in TV though - except in turning it off, which he loves to do, with a naughty grin - so I also had to help him push little plastic shapes into the shape-sorter bus. Also just about at the limit my capabilities at that time.

Breakfast featured an excellent present sent by my mum (who says mothers in law are horrible?) - a DVD of Casino Royale which I am very excited about, at last a chance to check out the much-rated new Bond. This afternoon I must bake a cake (don't think I'll turn it into an animal though, Paulo will just have to live with the disappointment), then in the evening I'm taking Paulo out to dinner at the Chinese, and tomorrow we're celebrating with friends on the beach. There are worse ways to turn 38.

Oops. Sorry Paulo.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007


I have sneaked in using internet explorer. So, as promised, some pics of the boys' birthday party.

First a cute one of the kids singing happy birthday.

Next a cute one of Sebastian and friends in the baby pool. Aaaaah.

And now Joaquim enjoying his cake.

They can't all be cute.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Some photos as promised

Or maybe not. Because when I tried to upload them, firefox crashed, as it has been doing regularly when trying to log into blogger, which somehow it managed this time. This is very annoying. According to my colleague who understands these things, my system is becoming unstable. Well, I could have told you that, it's what happens after one year and 2 weeks of broken nights. (I lie, Sebastian slept through once, two weeks ago. That's it.) But yes, I will have to try to coax my computer back to full health, as it has taken to crashing various programmes quite often. Any suggestions on how to remedy this situation will be gratefully received (bro?).

So, for the moment, no pics. Sorry.

And if you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I can't log in. Or because I'm sleeping.