Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let them eat cake

I don't think either I, nor you - dear readers - nor indeed the computer have the stamina for a full run-down of the last two months or so. So let's ease ourselves in with some easy viewing pics of the birthdays of the men in my life, starting with that lovable rascal Sebastian, who turned three on 18th April. Here is Sebastian opening his presents at breakfast:

Nice of his big brother to help him out with all that tricky paper tearing don't you think?

And here's the birthday boy with his Cars cake:

Which was duly admired and then destroyed in post-Happy Birthday 15 lap race to the death:

After which much fun was had with new toys and old favourites (it was raining so we just brought everything inside):

And we moved swiftly on to big boy Joaquim, who turned five on the 26th of April, for whom a slightly more elaborate party was in order.

So we had lots of games and the now-traditional treasure hunt.

And of course cake, this time a Spiderman motif, wddaya mean you can't tell (and those chocolate ladybirds are doing quite a good job standing in for spiders, don't you think?), although to be fair I feel that this year's efforts do not quite reach the dizzying heights of last year's pirate ship, though they wipe the floor with Sebastian's rabbit/mouse (it had long ears I tell you!) from two years ago, so I must be making progress. (At this point I wish I could remember how to link to my old posts so you can judge for yourselves.)

So here he is blowing out his candles, and isn't nice of his little brother to help him out with that?

As if this weren't enough, Paulo turned 40 on the 4th of May, which we decided to celebrate not once but twice, first at the week-end at Russell's place (gloriously renovated and reopened to a collective sigh of relief), with a friend who was also celebrating.
The fantastic gold confection is - alas - not mine, but I think you can see a few crumbs of mine here if you look closely:

And then again, on the day itself, at home with some good friends.

After which I found it hard to look a mixing bowl in the eye for a while.

Next up...India.

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Friday, May 08, 2009

Headless chicken

Or blue-arsed fly. Either way, that's been me over the last month or so. And on Monday I'm off to India for 10 days. So all my good intentions of posting photos of Sebastian and Joaquim and Paulo's birthdays and my latest birding trip with Malcolm have gone out the window.

So see you all in a couple of weeks when I shall endeavour to make good!

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