Friday, May 28, 2010

Shhh, dare I say it?

Loudly sing huzzah (or perhaps I should whisper it), Eva has settled back down, and though she does tend to wake in the early hours needing a cuddle in order to sleep on (with us) until 5.30 ish, it's perfectly acceptable. Phew. I feel human again.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eva goes to Ibo

Still struggling with the internet although the situation has improved.

Last week was spent on Ibo, for our second large-scale community consultation exercise. Last time (2007) we invited members of coastal and island communities to come and draw a lot of pretty pictures and tell us what they thought of us (the park). This time it was people from all over the park, almost 200 of them, drawing pretty pictures etc. It's always interesting hearing what people have to say, and though it was hard work it was enjoyable. Plus points: much enthusiasm for park initiatives such as marine reserves (more fish and bigger), blocks of fields (much easier to keep the ellies out, more food) and scholarships for girls (girls staying on in school, fewer premature pregnancies and marriages). Minus points: women still feeling that they don't have a strong voice, falling stocks of octopus and other seafood which they particularly rely on, no-one ever mentions tourism as a benefit of being in the park (note to self: a little more promotion of how many jobs have been created in this sector).

Eva behaved beautifully and was much admired. We are considering several proposals of marriage. But - alas, alas, wail and gnash teeth - her wonderful sleeping habits (an unexpected blessing after the two boys) have been thrown into disarray. She was going to bed at 6, waking only at 1 and then 4 for two quick feeds. Now she goes to bed at 6 and wakes up all over the place, at not more than 2 and a half hour intervals last night. That, combined with a never before seen intensity of mosquito activity (heavy rains this year) has devastated my sleep. I'm hoping, praying, that she settles back down soon. I'm not sure I can do this again.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome home!

Yes indeed, what a welcome home.  No internet, almost no phone, apart from the occasional sms or incoming call, it’s been like the good-old-bad-old days.  Until today, back on-line and able to, amongst other things, have a look at my bulging inbox, check out the fall-out from the election and the volcano and the near-collapse of the Euro, and post a quickie here to assure you that I’m still alive and kicking.

Nice to be home, with my boys, showing off Eva.  Work is quite full-on, the promising young man I had recruited just before leaving having done a runner after just a month (a fact no-one thought to communicate to me until I arrived), so I’m trying to squeeze everything I used to do in a full day into a mornings-only timetable.  But it’s great to have the afternoons to do other things, especially spend more time with the kids.

So no time to waffle on here, but I’ll try to schedule the occasional blog post into my  busy mornings.