Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Big week-end, vol. 1

What with the long week-end and our DSTV subscription having run out, I have only just had time to peruse some images of the RW. Skipping the actual event and just skimming the highlights has the enormous advantage of missing out all the boring bits and savouring the very best of the worst. I like to think of myself as a republican, but who can resist a gawp at the clothes? Well worth it, as it turns out. Kate looked - of course - lovely: elegant, demure, happy, but so SKINNY. Yikes. But thumbs up for the dress - quite beautiful and totally appropriate. (Poor Diana, the 80s were not good for wedding dresses). William made me realise that at least - for a man - being in the military gives you an excuse to wear something funky to your wedding. As for the rest; Eugenie and Beatrice, good grief, girls, I'm sorry but my first thought was "the ugly sisters". Ok, so it may not be their fault that they're not stunners, but do they have to compound it with their choice of outfits? Especially Beatrice's garish multi-coloured, be-ribonned monstrosity. Could no-one have said something? Then there was Tara P-T who looked like she was in fancy dress, alongside Miriamme whatsername, the Dep PM's wife. DREADFUL. Queen looked OK, I guess, though much as she always does, but kudos to Princess Anne who looked pretty cool. As for Chelsy, could she really not do better than that? Those are just the ones that caught my attention. Oh, and then there was the fiancee of the crown prince of Monaco (a former Olympic swimmer, as it turns out, her, not him), who was wearing such a fabulously understated and elegant outfit that she totally blew all those prissy English ladies in their knee-length patterned dresses, 20 denier tights, boxy jackets and boring hats, out of the water. (See what I did there...?)

Thank goodness the Americans went and shot OBL, as it gives us something else to read about. Kind of intrigued about the burial at sea. Was it a kind of insult? A practical way to dispose of the body without there being the possibility of some kind of shrine or pilgrimmage spot being created? A deliberate attempt to generate conspiracy theories? There's already a T-shirt (as posted by my friend Pepe) which shows a stick-man Osama flailing among the fishes and reads "Bin Laden nao sabe nadar, yo" ("Bin Laden can't swim, yo"), which is kind of weird. Get yer memorabilia here: www.caoazul.com.


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