Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My first meme

As I was tagged by Swisslil, I feel I must fulfil my duty.

5 things I love about my new country:
1. Swimming in the Indian Ocean rather than the North Sea
2. The almost total absence of advertising and resultant complexes ("I am fat and ugly", "I am worthless if I do not buy a new sofa", "All my friends will laugh at me if I don't own an MP3 player" and so on)
3. A social life that does not involve booking my friends a month in advance
4. Mangoes
5. It is considered 100% normal that a small child should accompany its mother everywhere and breastfeed when and where it chooses

3 things that annoy me about my new country:
1. People calling out "whitey"
2. "Whitey" price inflation
3. Almost anything you buy is of the worst possible Chinese quality and is guaranteed to break

1 thing I will miss about my new country when I leave:
Eating outdoors every day of the year.




At 6:17 pm, Blogger esa said...

Hi Bex. Like your blog, great writing. Am moving to Pemba in July, to work for a Finnish NGO. Passed by this week, looked like a very lovely place.

BTW, if you happen to know of a nice, not too huge, place to stay, drop me a line:


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