Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Eva update

Well it seems that Eva likes to keep me on my toes, one night sleeping beautifully and the next reverting to a newborn-type wake up every two hours schedule.  What fun.  Meanwhile, she’s making progress on other fronts: the other day she managed to grab the label of one of the toys that dangle before her on her bouncy chair, which she’s been batting at for the last week or so.  She’s also starting to make laughing noises to accompany the big beaming toothless smiles that go so far to make up for the irregular sleeping.  Very cute.  I’ve totally forgotten the different stages so its almost like starting afresh, each new development a lovely surprise.  She hasn’t quite got her head under control yet, perhaps as it is quite big, but the rest of her body is definitely catching up.  I don’t think anyone would label her as “dismorphic” now (really, how dared they?), although I think she’s quite unusual-looking for a baby and I can’t really predict how she’s going to look when older.  She has a lot of dad and my mother-in-law, but also elements of my younger sister.  Interesting.  Unfortunately I’ve misplaced the charger for my camera so I have no recent pics to post.  Must make a more thorough search as she has a great mohican of hair at the moment which will surely not last (at least I hope not) but should be recorded for posterity.  Indeed Eva has so much hair that it’s pretty much the first thing everyone comments on, even some kids who normally wouldn’t be expected to notice that kind of thing.  Lucky girl.


Sebastian continues to be totally enamored with his little sister.  “How’s Eva?” is usually the first thing he asks in the morning and when I pick him up from school and he insists on sitting next to her car seat on every journey, although Joaquim occasionally complains.  He likes to lean over her saying “hello, little Eva” and making funny faces to amuse her.   I think Joaquim is waiting for her to grow up and become more interactive; although he happily places an older-brotherly kiss on her brow at bedtime he’s not as interested as Sebastian is.  Funny, as I had anticipated the opposite.


As for me, I’m happily giving away the boys’ baby clothes that I had put aside, just in case, and enjoying the lovely little girly things that I’ve been given by many kind friends.  Indulge me…


At 5:59 pm, Blogger Marie said...

"...also elements of my younger sister" Hurrah! At last one who takes after me! In what way, I wonder... "She has a great mohican of hair at the moment". Oh.

At 8:22 am, Blogger Rebecca said...

Well yes indeed, but look at what it will turn into. Something about her face too though, and I'm not (only) talking about her ears!


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