Friday, January 29, 2010

Waiting for number three

It's very strange to go from having a full-time job, two small children to care for, a house to run and a husband to (for want of a better word) entertain, to having not much to do but sit around and watch my tummy grow. And so, in a moment of ante-natal selflessness, number three has thought up a way to keep me busy. Not just sorting through and washing the baby clothes that have been passed down from grandchild to grandchild (cue cute photo above), but also regular sessions of crawling around the living room and sitting with my head down and bum in the air. Yes, number three is breech, and despite my best efforts looks like it's thinking of staying that way.

And so I have entered a whole new world: turning breech babies. The above-mentioned exercises so far have given me raw knees and a sore back. According to the midwives and the internet I can also take my pick from the following: ECV, which is basically external manipulation by the obstretrician (30% success rate and we're doing it next week), acupuncture (willing to give it a go), bag of frozen peas on top of baby's head (er, well, ok, why not?), playing music through headphones stuck to my pelvis (getting very sceptical) and burning incense sticks pressed to the outside of my little toes (get real).

My no-nonsense obstetrician has given me the bottom line on what happens if none of that works: "You'll have to have a ceasarian." No discussion of a breech delivery. Truth be told, I don't think I would risk it anyway as the main problem with breech deliveries is that the head has a tendency to get stuck as it hasn't been compressed by engaging in the pelvis and the process of labour. Number three, according to the latest scan, has a slightly larger than average head circumference (in which it takes after number one and Dad) and so I wouldn't want to take a chance. But the thought of a C-section is a bit scary. I know that it's pretty straight-forward and of course there's the advantage of not going though labour, which has never been my favourite bit of motherhood, but still, it does mean someone is going to cut me open and then stitch me back up and I've never had any major surgery. Fortunately for me, I have a friend who has just had one, so I can get the low-down and I'm sure it wouldn't be so bad if it came to it. But, it's OK to be nervous, right?

Meanwhile, where are those peas...?


At 3:28 pm, Blogger Persephone said...

A planned C-section will probably save you a lot of grief and make a good outcome more likely for your baby. Both my babies were emergency C-sections after labour, so I got to do both, dammit! Even with the emergency aspect, it was indeed very straight-forward.

The only aspect of the operation that bothered me was the table itself which is T-shaped and reminded me uncomfortably of a crucifixion (also looks like the same tables they use for lethal injections). Oh yes, and I had to swallow (choke back) a salty solution and threw up almost immediately after the operation. The second time, I was prepared, and asked for a bowl to be ready.

No complications after the first, but after the second, I needed the hole left by the epideral in my spine resealed. This problem probably was due, once again, to the emergency nature of everything, because it's hard to hold still for an epidural while in full-blown labour, as you can imagine (another advantage of a planned C-section). I also got a uterine infection after the second baby, so I highly recommend taking showers rather than baths in the weeks following your operation. I didn't have that option.

Certainly, it's normal to be nervous, but you needn't be terrified. I recovered quite quickly and more importantly, I had two healthy babies.

At 6:41 pm, Blogger Rebecca said...

Thanks for the reassurance! Not too worried about the epidurals (I had one for both previous births), and as you say a planned C-section has the advantage over an emergency one. I'll keep you posted!

At 12:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your old FU mate here, Special K (yes, of the boobs fame...!)

Had a C in Dar a while back, and it was really fine, even for an old hippy Earth/chimp mother, especially if you can keep focused on the fact that it's just one day in a lifetime, and and it's not all about you. Sorority and midwives and scented candles and whale song and all that are fine, but the result you want is a healthy mama and a healthy toto. Luck and peace and health, to all of you, and much love

At 12:09 pm, Anonymous Colette said...

I cannot recommend a c-section enough - it's a dodde, seriously. Well, it was for me anyway. Really nothing to worry about, and pretty much nothing will persuade me to go for a natural birth next time round.

At 12:11 pm, Anonymous Colette said...

Oh, and no nasty-sounding salty solutions for me, or t-shaped table, for that matter.

At 2:17 pm, Blogger Rebecca said...

K! Can't believe you've been out there reading this blog without revealing yourself! Congrats on the toto, do you have more than one? As you might imagine I'm not really into the whalesong myself, so I guess I will just have to take it in my stride.

Collette, thanks and congrats on the arrival of little E. I hope to meet her soon.

Feeling much buoyed up by this wave of c-section female solidarity, thanks girls!

At 4:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bex, sorry to hear of your breech complication. I am sure you and little one will be fine. You might want to look up triayoga in primrose hill. I know they have antenatal yoga classes and other experienced practitioners there, they might have some other advise.
thinking of you both
love sophie h

At 11:55 am, Blogger Pepe, Sean, Samuel, Matias, Buba, Xuinga e Ainda said...

Hey Rebecca!
Sorry to hear about #3 upside down situation...
I read that you should flash a light in your belly so that baby turns to follow the light! (cant hurt!)

Good luck and here is something to get baby thinking about is situation!:

Pépé et al

At 9:11 pm, Anonymous Tant Greta i Afrika said...

C-section is absolutley my favourite. Im an old Anesthetic nurse living in Nampula, and don´t worry, they know what they are doing. When planned, even better. Sing a song for the little one inside and welcome him out to the rest of the family. Thumbs up!

At 3:32 pm, Blogger Remus-Adrian M. said...

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At 3:57 pm, Blogger Persephone said...

Marie has just posted the news of the safe arrival of your daughter. Best wishes to you and all your family.

At 9:07 am, Blogger Playing by the book said...

Hi Rebecca,

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