Friday, January 15, 2010

Slack slack slack - not my tummy!

Never mind New Year's resolutions, all my good intentions back in - when was it now - November - to be more assiduous in posting here went out the window in grand style. To which there is only one solution, which is to post a bunch of festive-season cute photos of the boys and hope that that will make up for it.

I love the concentration on Sebastian's face. Serious business...

Yes, that was our Christmas tree, and yes, it's still weird for me too that we decorate it in the blazing sunshine every year.

Note the dim quality of the next picture. That's because it was all of 4.45am when Sebastian came tearing into our bedroom shouting "Look what Father Christmas brought me!!!" and after the stocking frenzy came present madness, all well before 6am. Yawn.

I am proud to say that I did make it to midnight on New Year's eve, which is the first time in a long while, which we spent with friends in 3 little rented bungalows some 80km outside Pemba. The all-day pool session (followed by dinner, roasted marshmallows, and sparklers ) ensured that the kids were tucked up nice and early and we adults managed a very civilised dinner under the full-moon partial eclipse and brilliant stars of the tropical night sky. Lovely.

I like the way Paulo looks like he's wearing one of my earrings there, do you think they'd suit him?

And then next day it was more pool and more good food and enough nap time for all of us to head home happy and smiling and feeling up to whatever 2010 has to throw at us.

Which in my case, and very shortly now, is of course a new baby. I'm off to England on Wednesday, and so the next you may hear from me may well be some pics of a very new number 3.




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