Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Could do better

Did you catch last week’s two extremely depressing simultaneous publications? Those of you wishing to remain cheerful, look away now.

Firstly, IUCN’s red data list, which looks at the state of the world’s biodiversity at regular intervals. Without fail, every animal, plant or other living organism in the world is at least as badly off, if not considerably worse off, than before. I lie. There is one bird that has been moved down one level of endangeredness. Certain corals, gorillas, orang-utangs, tigers, and lots of birds lead the list of most likely to be extinct within a few decades. Why? Overwhelmingly, because of human activity.

Secondly, the IISS’s report on international security, which shows Al Quaeda stronger than ever, Islamic fundamentalist terrorist organisation growing by leaps and bounds, and young men signing up by the dozens across the globe for martyrdom in the fight against the morally bankrupt West. Another 9/11 is perfectly possible they say.

What a wonderful contribution we as a species are making to – as far as we know – the only living planet in the known universe.

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