Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ola malta!

No, not hello, Malta.

It means Hi guys! in Portuguese, but it's kind of cool in a way that "hi guys" never will be. Great holiday so far: Oceanarium (third visit, just as good, both boys loved it, will definitely go again), park (lots of, but with a great tower slide that J loves and P and S do together to mutual delight), zoo (today, lots of growling with the tigers, hooting at the monkeys and J awestruck by the dolphin display), lounging (family, friends, food, drink, all the usuals), late nights (Lisbon-ers, or little lettuces as they are rather sweetly known here, love late nights), bacalhau, and those fantastic little custard puff-pastry tarts.

What´s not to love?

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At 9:08 am, Anonymous aaron said...

Hi from Australia !! not sure how a blog works ive never used one. But me and my finace' want to spend our honey moon in Mozambique at one of the islands maybe the Bazaruto area. Can anyone give us some advise or tips on the best logde ??? They all look amazing but it is a long way to come to find out you've made the wrong choice (all this is subject to finances of course) but we love what we see. Thanks

At 8:30 pm, Blogger Rebecca said...

Contact kaskazini by email, or see their website,

Congrats and have a great trip!


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