Monday, September 10, 2007

Granny and Grandpa

We’ve just had a fleeting visit from my parents, en route to a conference in Nairobi. It’s always lovely when people come to see us, I certainly feel the distance and isolation out here. And they brought us some exotic treats: couscous, wholegrain mustard, cheese, pop-up books for the boys, not to mention an exceptionally bulky and heavy lamp from IKEA which – quite frankly – I’m sure I would have dumped on the way. For which THANK YOU!

I think the highlights of the visit for Joaquim were:

  1. bacon and pancakes for breakfast at the hotel where Granny and Grandpa were staying (our spare room – alas – not yet ready)
  2. swimming pool at the same
  3. a day-long boat trip that included catching an 18kg yellow-fin tuna (he talked about that for several days)
  4. riding in the boot of the car with Grandpa (what a thrill, has been asking for a repeat ever since)

For Sebastian

  1. the bacon, again
  2. the pool, where he gained a lot of confidence – he finds the sea a bit big and scary
  3. the pop-up book full of construction machinery (brrrrm brrrrm)

For me:

  1. the bacon, of course!
  2. managing to wangle my work load so I could take my parents to see a couple of projects I’m working on, and have a night in a top-end eco beach lodge along the way
  3. being with lots of people I love at the same time.


At 5:19 pm, Blogger swisslil said...

Sounds excellent. Bacon is high on my list of fancy treats too.. the swissies don't quite get it (ham, yes, pancetta, yes, rashers of bacon - what's that?)
I was beginning to think you were dead.

At 7:51 pm, Blogger Maria João Carvalho said...

para a minha doce mana uma beijoca, e para todos outras...


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