Wednesday, July 04, 2007

3 weeks...

... is a long time not to post anything here and expect people to still be checking. I guess Iºm an optimist.

So, a quick run down of what Iºve been doing whilst not blogging.

We all went to Ibo for a long week end 23 to 25 June, as there was a public holiday for Independence Day. Lovely as ever, and doubly nice not to be working and staying in luxury at the wonderful Ibo Island Lodge. Joaquim, what a surprise, was more excited about the plane ride than anything else.

A couple of days later I went off to the bush, to Meluco and Ningaia to kick start some community tourism activities. Both are now moving a bit, which is progress. I also finally saw an elephant in the Park. He was a very long way away but he was a beautiful big old tusker. More importantly, I left Sebastian behind. Yes, cold turkey. He is now weaned. I paid for it with a week of agonisingly sore and swollen boobs, but I am free! Hooray! (Yes, OK, I do miss it a bit.) As if by magic, he started to sleep through the night, waking only at 4 to get into our bed and sleep on to the usual 5 or 5.30. Hooray! (No, I do not miss it.)

But, Joaquim got sick. Coughing, temperature, headache, vomiting. Not malaria, pneumonia. Just for a change. A bit scary, but heºs getting better thanks to large doses of antibiotics. Heºs not very keen on them, theyºre very yuk apparently (I believe him), but he takes them. Not long after his diagnosis, Sebastian started to cough and then he got a temperature too, although othewise heºs fine. We didnºt wait very long to take him to the doctor, for obvisou reasons, no pneumonia yet but definitely an infection, so heºs on antibiotics too, and guess what? We have to wake him up in the middle of the night to take them. Oh, the irony. When will I sleep again?

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At 7:51 pm, Blogger swisslil said...

I'm still checking!
huge kisses on the nose to J and S.. reading about them being sick makes me count my blessings (again)

At 11:17 am, Blogger Marie said...

I'm still checking too!


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