Thursday, February 08, 2007

More rain

It has been raining torrentially, biblically. Huge banks of clouds, thunder storms, sheet lightning and big fat drops of rain by the hundreds of thousands. Pemba is a mess – debris washed out into the streets, traditional houses crumbling under the impact of the water, massive puddles everywhere. But we like it (perhaps not those of us whose houses have just come down, but the rest of us) – it’s not so hot, the cassava and maize planted in tiny plots all over town will grow well, it’s a good excuse not to go to work: “Sorry, boss, my house was flooded."

This morning the bay – third largest in the world – was like a pond, still, unrippled, reflecting the silvery-blue, washed-clean sky to the south, and the flat grey, water-laden sky to the north (more rain tonight). Every last particle of dust has been stuck to the earth and the views are stunning: mountains that are usually little more than a distant pale silhouette are now dark, textured, close, tree-tops clearly visible along crests and peaks. The baobabs on the far side of the mouth of the bay are finely detailed, I feel like I could swim over there, and the coast is visible for miles. I can see the river mouth at Namau, some 20km north of here. It’s beautiful, calm, clean, fresh, new.

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