Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back again

Hello and a happy new year to all, if you haven't given up and stopped checking this blog by now. I am back at work - in principle at least, if not fully in spirit - after a wonderful visit from my parents, sister and aunt, which involved getting stuck in the mud and seeing hundreds of giraffes in Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania, friendly red colobus monkeys and the ever-fascinating Stone Town in Zanzibar, and total relaxation on Ibo Island back here in Northern Mozambique (a quick plug for the absolutely fantastic, unmissable Ibo Island Lodge - google it). A very brief resume, but much fun was had by all, especially Joaquim who - being obsessed by planes - particularly enjoyed the frequent flights in small aircraft from one place to another. He also made great progress with his swimming ("Like a tiny fish!") and disco dancing ("Come dancing, Granny!") and sentences in English ("I like big planes, you like small planes."), where he has now caught up with his Portuguese. Sebastian - universally acknowledged as adorable, but I knew that already - is crawling, tackling steps although not entirely sucessfully, and now has three teeth and another three about to come through. And still doesn't sleep through the night. Can't have it all.

And on the work front, I have two houses ready on Ibo Island for homestays and the third is not far behind, and I am quite chuffed with myself! Namau continues to be worked on, with the construction of a wooden walkway through the mangrove trees to a sun-bathing platform and swimming spot in the river mouth at the other side, and the guesthouse almost finished. Getting there, slowly slowly as ever. Challenges for the year ahead: 1. identify and establish another 3 community tourism projects in the Quirimbas National Park, 2. get Sebastian sleeping through the night, 3. build our house, 4. not have another baby!

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