Monday, January 29, 2007

One hell of a week

What a week that was. Sebastian decided that I didn’t have enough on my plate with Joaquim’s dysentry (unfortunate choice of words, sorry), and came down with a truly horrendous cold, which involved vast quantities of snot, periodic choking on the same and/or violent coughing and occasional vomitting as a result of the latter (notably and profusely at 10.30pm, in my bed, with Joaquim crying next door). Lovely. Oh yes, and yelling if I so much as put him down for a moment, including bathtime, nappy changes and so on. Very restful. Meanwhile, Joaquim had to be cajoled into taking his medicine, although it was relatively inoffensive, a process which took about 15 minutes each time (3 times a day), even with the invaluable assistance of a lollipop in hand. To be fair, it got much better as time went on, until eventually he was asking to hold the spoon and taking it on his own “like a grown man”! He also gradually improved health-wise, and is now, thank the stars, fully recovered. As is Sebastian. Oh, and did I mention that Paulo, taking advantage of a free ticket, was in Maputo all this time, dealing with a bunch of tedious stuff, but also enjoying uninterrupted nights and mornings, on one of which he slept until 2pm? (2pm!!! Can you imagine such a thing? Alas, I no longer can.) So I was doubly glad to welcome him back last Friday, and was treated to a lie-in on Saturday until 8am. 8am! Bliss! Felt like a new woman. Sadly, that is not sarcastic.


At 4:08 am, Blogger Marie said...

Sounds like you need a new woman, ideally a nanny / nurse.


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