Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rainy days

It seems to be raining again. After a promising start in November, the rains had kind of petered out here in Pemba, and farmers in the drier part of the province had been looking at their wilting seedlings with concern. So it’s been a relief to be rained on over the past two days, even though it’s been modest. Zambezia, in the centre of the country and 1000km from here, is however having far too much rain and is on red alert. You may remember Zambezia from a few years back – it’s where that lady gave birth in a tree. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that again. It sometimes seems like it’s all or nothing, and the increasingly unpredictable rainfall is making it harder and harder to farm successfully.

It has occured to me that with the more extreme weather of recent years (and I for one am convinced that it is due to climate change), people in developed countries are getting an unwelcome reminder of it means to live at the mercy of the elements. How distressing – our urban armour is insufficient when nature gets really pissed off. How much more until we’re actually willing to do something about it?


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