Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cats and Dogs

It is raining, by which I mean RAINING. This is a very good thing, as we've had three very dry years, water courses are drying up and farmers have had bad yields. The rains have come early and hard, and hopefully they'll last a full 3 to 4 months. The importance of the rainy season can't be over-estimated. 85% of the population are dependent on agriculture, in most cases subsistence agriculture and also in most cases with no irrigation. So the timing and quantity of rainfall is critical. Last year the rains came late, so the first lot of seeds sown were lost, and stayed late, so that the cassava in some places couldn't be dried. Most rural families go through a hungry period for a month or two before the new harvest comes in, when they eat one basic meal a day. This year it's likely to be worse. Imagine trying to grow all your food for a year on the basis of three months of rainfall. Using a small hoe and a machete and all the members of your family (children included). And then imagine the rains not coming, or stopping too soon, or too late. It's a disaster. So let's hope this is a good wet year.

On the other hand, Paulo left my car windows open last night, so I have a wet bum and a very steamy car. Thanks, hun.


At 10:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So it would be selfish of me to hope that it doesn't piss down the whole time we're visiting you?

OK. I'll bring a brolly.


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