Monday, October 09, 2006

Space Safaris Starlight Parties

Space Safaris Starlight Parties (a.k.a. me, Paulo and Gen – my neighbour, business partner and good friend) threw one of our by now legendary (well round here anyway) full moon parties on Saturday night. The setting was perfect: humpback whales doing acrobatics out at sea as the sun set over the bay to our left, a pink moon then rose to our right, sound system thumping in the background, high-energy drumming around the fire in the boma (sort of coral, as in cows not reef, do you spell it like that? I digress), lots of people, lots of dancing, lots of fun.

Not much sleep of course, as as far as Joaquim and Sebastian were concerned Sunday was just another day with a 5am start... I started the generator, stuck on a DVD, gave Sebastian to the guard to be wheeled around the garden and went back to sleep. Fimbles followed by Paddington Bear kept J quiet for 2 hours (I would like to stress that I don’t normally do this, but hey, after 4 hours sleep, I think it was justified), S fell asleep in his buggy, and I managed to get myself back into reasonable condition. Paulo, who has an astonishing capacity for deafness in the mornings, pretty much slept through it all. Yesterday we were subdued, spent the day quietly at home and went for a dip at the end of the day, the sea was beautiful and calm. S found the water a bit chilly for his liking: he obviously needs to get in more often, after all this is the Indian Ocean, not the North Sea! J had no such problems, and is making good progress with his armbands. I have a feeling my father will try to teach him to swim at Christmas (my parents, sister and aunt are coming out for a holiday). He may just succeed. Do you remember using armbands? I can remember the feel of the tightly inflated plastic on my skin so clearly, and I could swim unassisted when I was 3. Wonder why it made such a lasting impression.

Other news, S has cut his second tooth, and he actually bit me the other day. He looked at me with eyes wide in surprise when I let out a loud yelp and jumped in my seat. Those little teeth are sharp! I had forgotten just how sharp, in fact. I’m hoping this will not become a habit. He’s also started eating, just a little baby rice to begin with. It’s clearly a bit strange for him but he’s doing OK. I’m hoping that with solids he will start to sleep better at night, he’s nearly 6 months and really shouldn’t be feeding twice a night any more. Maybe I should have read Gina Ford after all, my children don’t seem to go in for this sleeping through business. Sigh.

Tomorrow I’m off to the bush for two days, to check up on one of my projects. I will report back on my return.

PS: A big vote of thanks to Clare, Lizzie and Emma for letting me know that my brother is not the only one reading my blog.


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I remmber armbands but then I wore them (deflated) until I was about 27.


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