Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's my party, but there was no crying

What a glorious week-end. Not only did we spend most of it on the beach (think white sand, palm trees, turquoise waters etc) but then Monday was a bank holiday and the office was closed on Tuesday, which also happened to be my birthday, so it all turned out rather nicely. Had a little party at home, nibbles and drinks kind of thing, but I think the kids had the best time as we have a little bouncy castle in the garden and they spent the whole night bouncing on it and each other in a sugar-fuelled mania (didn't think about little hands when I placed the bowls of chocolate eclairs on low tables). Joaquim, who is 2 and a half, doesn't eat much sugar usually, so he was particularly lively. Sebastian (5 months, no sweets for him yet) slept through it all. Also had a very yummy chocolate cake (if I say so myself, as I baked it myself) which always goes down well.

All of this was outshone, however, by some very good news from a family member, which I am not at liberty to reveal here. Yet.

Feeling remarkably chirpy back in the office. After all, it's not long until the next week-end.

By the way, I have enabled comments from non-members (at my sister's prompting) so feel free to join in.


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