Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It was my party, but there was no crying

What a splendid week-end. Not only did we spend most of it on the beach (think white sand, turquoise water, palm trees, etc.) but Monday was a bank holiday, and on Tuesday the office was closed, which also happened to be my birthday. This started with an extra hour's lie-in (the best present Paulo could have given me), followed by a slap-up breakfast at Pemba's poshest hotel, where I ate things I never have at home - bacon, mushrooms, melon! Then a fairly leasurely day, rounded off by a little get-together at home which featured a truly yummy chocolate cake (if I say so myself, as I baked it myself) and some lovely presents. Think the kids had the best time though. Joaquim and his friends spent the whole night bouncing off each other on the bouncy castle, on a sugar-fuelled high (he is two and a half and doesn't usually eat much sugar) after raiding the choclairs. Sebastian slept through it all, after all he's a little young, at 5 months, for parties and sweets. I had a lovely time.

All of this was completely outshone however by some very good news from a family member, which I am not at liberty to reveal here. Yet.


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