Monday, October 02, 2006

Spreading the good news

I am now at liberty to tell all. My younger sister, Marie, has sold her first novel to a very prestigious publishing house: Vintage. You may have heard of some of their other writers: Salman Rushdie, Ian McEwan, Sebastian Faulks, Julian Barnes… The family has gone into a state of delighted hysteria, but my sis is apparently keeping her feet on the ground. We always knew she was brilliant, but soon everyone else will too. You’ll have to wait for next August for her book to come out in hardback, but you can get a taste of her writing style on her very funny blog Struggling Author although she is, of course, no longer struggling.

My news is rather less exciting. Sebastian has cut his first tooth (bad news for my nipples) and Joaquim’s phrase of the moment is “Look! Wottamess!”, which needs no comment.

On a totally different note, did any of you catch the recent Guardian story about research that shows that putting on a few pounds during pregnancy and not losing them, even if you are not overweight as a result, makes it harder for you to conceive again and more likely that you will have a stillbirth? Thank you, Guardian, for hitting modern woman’s two most sensitive spots – fear of fat and fear of infertility. Did the article mention how much more likely it made these things? No it did not. How much do I think it is? Very little. How necessary is it to give women yet another reason to fear fat and infertility? Not very. Nice one.


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