Monday, November 22, 2010

Another baby?

We have new members of the family to introduce.

First up is Spike, who I think we can all agree, is about as cute as a puppy can get. Currently taking on cardboard boxes, Eva's soft toys, old bones and everyone's ankles, we hope that as a bona fide Jack Russell he will later resolve any rodent issues at home and in Chuiba once and for all.

Next up is Sally (the boys are naming the dogs BTW), who turned up at our gate absolutely starving. You could count every single rib and notch in her spine. She was desperate to be let in and so very friendly that we relented and started feeding her then adopted her once she was givben the all clear by the vet. She's still a bit hectic and jumps all over me when I get home (I think she can't quite believe she's got a family for good), but she's an excellent guard and has woken up our two old ladies who were getting so laid-back pretty much anyone could have walked into the yeard and out again with all our most prized posessions with nothing more than a wag of a tail as acknowledgement.

Next week, we take in a half-dozen cats and an iguana.


At 8:40 pm, Blogger Rita said...

hello! que família maravilhosa - este fim de semana conhecemos um "irmão" do spyke no Pirata. é irresistível! gostei muito do teu blog, vocês são uma família em grande. see you in pemba. rita.

At 3:54 pm, Blogger Bro said...

You should rename this blog "My family and other animals!"

Hope all's well Sis!


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