Friday, October 01, 2010

Boys just wanna have fun

Joaquim: Hi. Mum's a bit busy so I want to tell you about all the fun we've been having recently. First, Pai got us this great water slide.
Sebastian: It's AWESOME.

J: Then we were invited to a Princes and Princesses party. Mum found some cool stuff in the second-hand clothes shop, and she made us some costumes, and then we made these crowns. I put loads of stars on mine.
S: I LOVE these trousers, they're so HANDSOME. That means beautiful, but for boys.

J: And then, we were invited to an aliens party.

J: Mum went back to the same shop and found all this alien stuff and made us these costumes, with, like four arms, and antennae and stuff. I was a really scary alien.

S: And I LOVED my extra arms. These are the extra ones, not my real arms.

J: Then Sebastian and our friend Matteo did a kind of four-armed aliens dance, I think.

S: I like bread.

J: And it was like, so cool, and we had lots of fun. Oh, and here's Mum with our baby sister Eva.
S: Eva is the cutest baby in the WHOLE WORLD.

J: I don't know why Pai gets so tired.

J: There's no party this weekend. We'll have to find something else for Mum to do. Bye!

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At 7:11 pm, Blogger Marie said...

I want to weep from the cuteness!

At 11:33 pm, Blogger brothersfamilyblog said...

wow, love the blog. my husband and i have wanted to move from ohio to africa - you make it seem so easy:) any suggestions??
thanks, emily


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