Wednesday, February 02, 2011

New Year, new beginnings

I am no longer working at the Quirimbas National Park, as my contract came to an end on Monday. It was not unanticipated, and I'm looking into a number of other possibilities, but at the moment I am enjoying using our office in Chuiba, which has a lovely view over the coconut trees, and a nice cool pool just down the path.

Chuiba Palms was officially inspected, approved and inaugurated in December, which was a great relief and source of some pride to us. So we are open for business, and in the process of getting a website, marketing materials and good promotioanl photos together. (As you can see, I have things to fill my time with.)

Meanwhile, the boys begin a new year at school, with Sebastian happy in Reception at THE BIG SCHOOL and Joaquim in Year 3. The fact that all bar one of Sebastian's colleagues graduated from kindergarten with him, and that he knows many of the older kids already, have made the transition apparently painless. They are both also very proud of their new uniform, which is a rather smart but practical aertex shirt embroidered with the school logo, in a choice of 5 colours, and navy shorts. Have photos, will post.

Eva has also embarked on a new adventure of her own: mobility. She is commando crawling - at last - and I have no doubt will soon be all over the house and into everything. Must get that shelf up in the bathroom before she sidles up to the washing machine and downs a cup of washing powder.

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At 5:56 pm, Anonymous Tant Greta i Afrika said...

Sweet little dogs!! I miss my Noddy a lot, but she is with her mother and my friend Eva at Ilha de Mozambique. Hope you get something interestingg to work on later when you are ready for it.


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