Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Small clarification.

It occurred to me, reading over the previous entry, that the last line has a rather spooky saints' relic-like association, and may in particular confuse readers for whom English is not their first language. I mean, of course, that my hands have the same shape, down to my fingernails and a particular kink in my little finger, as my grandmother's and my mother's, and I think Sebastian may have it too. I have always liked that, and I think of them as a kind of living heritage, which I suppose it what genetics is all about. It is comforting to have such a specific reminder of my grandmother that is part of me too.


At 9:41 am, Blogger gandalady said...

How I love those hands too. Just had a fantastic time with M, including a precious time of remembering Granny. Much love xxx

At 2:05 am, Blogger OvaGirl said...

I have my mothers hands too. I enjoyed your post about your grandmother who seems an amazing woman. It was a beautiful tribute to her.


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