Monday, March 31, 2008

Joaquim learns to fly

It turns out he didn’t need the super-power after all.

“Look mum! Look at me fly!”

And with that he leaped from the edge of the pool and executed an impressive belly flop, as close to a dive as you can get without actually letting your head go in first. No armbands. Out of his depth. No problem.

Joaquim discovered on Saturday that he can swim. He did five lengths of the pool, and it’s a pretty big pool, maybe 8 metres. Not only can he swim, but he can dive down to pick things up off the bottom. His style is not yet great, but he’s certainly got the idea. I am SO proud.

Sebastian, meanwhile, thinks he can swim. In other words he’ll climb or jump into the pool or simply walk off the steps into deep water without a care in the world. Fine when he’s wearing armbands. Not so when he takes them off. I had to pluck him out several times on Saturday (oh yes, I stay close) but he continued, undeterred, coming up wide-eyed with surprise at his unexpected lack of buoyancy.

At least now I only have to watch one of them like a hawk.

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At 2:40 pm, Blogger gandalady said...

That's unbelievably advanced. Emma clings to the side most of the time and will not be parted from her armbands.

but she CAN read classical Persian* *harrumphs competitively*

(*this may be a lie)


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