Monday, April 02, 2007


Sebastian has taken his first steps! He’s still very wobbly, but on Saturday, and in front of a very appreciative audience (he has a sense of timing), he took 4 bold steps on his own. “More, more!” cried Joaquim, duly impressed.

It was just one element of a particularly fine week-end which kicked off with dinner with friends at the new Chinese restaurant on Friday night: good food, cheap and – best of all – something different. Saturday saw S walking and J enjoying a rather loud kids’ party, and on Sunday we paid Rafina (Sebastian’s nanny) to take the two boys to her house at 6am and we slept until nearly 9am. Bliss! Followed by a long day at our friend Brenda’s place on the beach inside the bay, with a big group of friends, lots of kids, good food and cold beer. One of those week-ends that really makes me appreciate living here.



At 5:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great news - now to get him up to speed so that he can make it as far as the pub with his uncle! ;)



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