Monday, November 13, 2006

Big blue

Another week-end spent mostly on the beach, two beaches to be exact, making the most of the lovely warm water and beautiful weather (poor us, hard life), so nothing very dramatic to report, but here’s another summary of general Phillips-Marques activity:

Joaquim continues to try to swim, and he’s actually making progress, kicking his feet and starting to doggy paddle. He’s very proud of himself. I’m quite sure my father will do his best to have him swimming without arm bands at Christmas, and he might just succeed. He’s also quite proud of his new cap, found at the local market and decorated with a number of cartoon animals, which I am delighted about as it is almost impossible to get him to wear a hat and he’s running the risk of serious sunburn at this time of year. Looks cute too.

Sebastian, who long ago mastered sitting and is now trying very hard to get up on his hands and knees, is not so sure about the water. He got a bit scared by the splashing and movement – although mild – at Chuiba (one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever had the pleasure to spend time on, and where we have invested in a large tract of beachfront land) and I didn’t take him in again when we moved to a quieter spot inside the Bay, too sunny by then. I reckon he’ll love it too eventually, just needs to get used to it. He’s also starting to clap his hands.

Rebecca is still trying to stay awake, and is having less success in her chosen task than her two boys in theirs. Sebastian has a cold and is waking up every one and half hours or so, at which point he expects me to put him back to sleep – he hasn’t mastered going to sleep on his own yet. I have no such trouble in dozing off at any given opportunity, on my own or in company.

Paulo is considering starting to apply for some NGO or similar positions, getting a little tired of the vagarities of the international commodities market, which seem very rarely to work in our favour. A regular salary is starting to look attractive, although he would not give up the trading altogether, and certainly not the cashew processing.

Work on the house is paused, our truck being busy on other assignments, but we have the foundation trenches dug, and large piles of sand and stone to go into them. Hoping to resume building activities very shortly.


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