Friday, July 03, 2009

Rat in my washing?

We have installed a washing machine. OK, OK, I know this is not big news for most of you, but it's quite something in our household, especially for Aina, who has been doing all our washing by hand for the last 5 years (that's two babies' worth of nappies for a start).

My favourite feature? "Rat cover (optional)."



At 10:50 am, Blogger Marie said...

As I am still recovering from hand-washing my trousers after the Sebastian Vomit Incident, I am very excited to hear this news.

Did you opt for the rat cover?

At 3:18 pm, Blogger Rebecca said...

I am happy to say that we left the rodents behind in the old house and they have yet to find us. Rat cover not necessary.

At 1:56 pm, Blogger gandalady said...

Can I have it then?


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