Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's worth it! (groan)

My family has a long and happy association with the village of Worth Matravers in Dorset, and its fantastic pub The Square and Compass. Which is why it gave me great pleasure to see that it was the only pub in Dorset to be listed in the Guardian's top 200 pubs nationwide.

Now get down there for a pint of Tanglefoot before everyone else finds out about it.

(Photo courtesy of www.southwestseakayaking.co.uk who obviously rate the area - and the pub - highly.)


At 12:40 pm, Blogger Bro said...

Was down there the other day - the weather was just as in the picture. A new tradition now for our sub-branch of tyhe family is to have breakfast at the National trust Shop at Knowle beach (Studland): Cooked breakfast on the beach, before the crowds arrive - lovely!

I hear we're all gathering together at Worth/Swanage this summer which should be great, especially for all the kids to catch up and remember their long lost cousins!

BTW, can you switch on RSS feeds on your blog - I keep missing updates otherwise.

At 3:10 pm, Blogger Rebecca said...

Er, yeah, sure, if I only knew what that meant and how to do it.

Looking forward to the summer too - can't wait for a ride on the little train and a round of mini-golf!

At 6:29 pm, Blogger Bro said...

Really Simple Syndication. Why, didn't you know that?! :D

Basically it's a list of all your posts in a simplified format. These can then be 'read' by various programs, aggregated with other feeds (eg Marie's), and presented nicely in some friendly app.

That way you don't have to jump from website to website to keep up to date - all your headlines are updated in one place.

I use a program called "Times" on the Mac, that allows me to layout all teh feeds in a newspaper format, (columns, headings etc).

You (once you enable RSS), Marie and Stephen Fry are the Front Page!

At 6:27 am, Anonymous Nathaniel said...

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