Thursday, July 03, 2008

Chew on this

Six months ago, a 25kg bag of rice cost 280 mts.

Now it costs 600 mts (about ₤12.50).

600 mts represents about half many families’ average monthly income.

25kg of rice represents about a quarter of many families’ monthly consumption of staples.

Maize cost about 45 mts per10kg bucket last year at this time.

Maize now costs 75 mts per10kg bucket.

It is harvest time and prices should be coming down, but are instead going up.

Poor rains mean that most urban machambas have produced almost nothing this year, and in many rural areas heavy early rains and then an abrupt end to the rainy season means that first-sowing maize seedlings were washed away, whilst late-harvesting crops such as sorghum have also suffered and not matured.

The price of bread has increased twice this year, from 1,50 mts per roll to 2,50 mts per roll (about 5p).

Beans, onions, potatoes are all more expensive, fresh veg and fruit not so (but these are consumed principally by a wealthier minority).

Fuel prices have doubled over about 12 months, to around ₤1 per litre of petrol

The minimum wage is 1,700 mts, or approximately ₤35.

My neighbours are worried.

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At 10:49 am, Blogger OvaGirl said...

Wow that's scary stuff Rebecca. This post and the one below seem particularly connected. It must be very confronting seeing this extremity of existence and people being pushed further to the edge each month...


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